About Brajgram

‘Brajgram’, located in the auspicious ‘Braj’ region in Kosi Kalan, is one of the biggest and best located facilities. It’s a tribute to the culture and traditions of this unique blessed land which is steeped in the love and adoration for Lord Krishna! The theme village offers a unique experience and exposure to the rural lifestyle and agrarian ways of the village folk. From cereals, to pulses, to vegetables and fruits, the farms in Brajgram are growing them all and offer an excellent opportunity for us to observe and learn from. Also at your service are farm animals and fun activities including camel, horse and bullock cart rides. Each animal with us are loved and cared as per the traditions of the ‘Brajwasis’.

The Mela Ground in the resort incorporates many folk arts, crafts and games, which form an intricate part of Braj culture. The resort also has a dedicated corner for sports and many rural games like Lattu, Kanche, Tyre Run, Pitthu and Kabaddi etc., which most of us did play during our childhood, but have unfortunately gone off the radar of the new generation. The ‘akhada’ in the village is an experience in itself and gives us a close view of the systematic training and disciplined lifestyle of the ‘pehelwans’.

The highlight of the games however is the Dahi Handi and Matka Fodh games, which are typically Braj by nature. The activity managers in the resort are trained to keep you active throughout the day and you need not worry about muscle cramps and strains here, since the experienced masseurs will rub away all pains in no time.

For the spiritually inclined, the village also has a special kiosk dedicated to help you understand the ‘Braj Mandal’ better and in its true entirety. The food & beverages served in the village is authentic ‘Saatvik’ Braj cuisine and is both made and supervised by home-makers of the local villages.

Located on NH2 and open till late night, Brajgram is a must-visit – be it a fun-nlearn family outing or corporate team event, in a culture-relevant backdrop.

List Of Activities

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