Day Trip near Delhi, visit Brajgram.

Planning a daytrip?

Just 99 kms from Delhi is Brajgram, a village theme park by Country Inn Kosi. The village brings for you a wholesome ethnic living experience. The park promotes and preserves rural culture and traditions and will bring you closer to your country-side. Visiting Brajgram is a great option for a quick get away from the busy city life.

Experience your childhood again!

It is best suited for family outings with entertaining shows like puppet show, folk dance drama, folk music, dangal show etc. There are 100+ activitiesincluding rural games and adventure sports for all age groups.

While children can enjoy fun games like bottle fishing, archery, tyre run, pithoo and many more, elders can go down memory lane and play their childhood board games.  It also offers a specially designed section where women can get a firsthand experience of real life rural crafts making from village locals. These include pottery, pot painting, organic farming, churning butter milk, weaving and also bangle shopping and mehendi artwork.

Need a break from work?

Get away from a hectic work schedule and enjoy agrarian way of living. With team building activities like tug of war, bridge building, tower making, khokho and relaxing yoga sessions and desi massages, Brajgram is ideal for Corporate Team Events.

Taste the Food of Braj!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more ethnic, Brajgram presents KachiRasoi that introduces you to authentic ‘satvik’brajbhojan prepared and supervised by home makers of local villages.Kachori, aloobhaji, jalebi, bajreki roti with desi ghee, saag, shahipaneer and chowmein are amongst the best dishes served there.

Wondering about the cost?

A day package in Brajgram costs INR 899 for an adult and INR549 for a child. This includes breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and all the activities on offer at Brajgram.

Don’t miss out on the true country side experience. Visit Brajgram, eat organic and live ethnic.

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